Make Sure the Cookie Crumbles in Your Favor!

Get Your Holiday Cookie Orders In Now!

Are you planning an office party, luncheon or other event? Instead of spending a lot of money on multiple cakes or cupcakes, consider calling or stopping by Fun with Frosting to place a cookie order. Cookies are the perfect small and sweet treat after a meal or before a business meeting. They provide guests with the right amount of sugar to keep them going without overdoing it or costing you and arm and a leg. Not to mention, they are the perfect alternative when you have guests who don't like cake.

Owned and operated by Lindsay Black who has over 18 years of experience in baking, she can help you bring to life any idea you've got!

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What are you waiting for? Your cookie order is only a phone call or pit stop away. Call Fun with Frosting at 810-354-8699 or stop by our Fenton, MI location to place your order for your next event or sweet family treat today!